#gymastics...I miss this more. Going from having something in your life for 9 years, to it just ending automatically :(

#Beach #Gymnastics #DefyingGravity

gymnastics. beach. you don't ahve to be in gymnastics. you can be a cheerleader…

GoPro / yoga / beach

I love this photo but then I thought about how eventually, she's gonna fall into the water and now I cat stop laughing!

Remember to always be yourself...U ARE ONE OF A KIND and the world wouldnt be the same without you...

How to Do a Press Handstand: Drills and Exercises to Help You Learn

"I can do ANYTHING in my ivivva rhythmic tights!" -Kalea. | ivivva

I already have my needle but i want a picture on the beach of it (: Needle on the beach

Flipping on the beach cx

Aerial Cartweel on the beach Note: Used to do this all the time.-

Gymnastics on the beach!

Go to a bunch of fun places in Lincoln this summer, take a picture in the same gymnastics pose in each location, but a collage together of all of the pictures at the end of the summer.

Time to start getting to know the gymnasts from other countries, as we head towards the 2016 olympics ... here is Canada's superstar gymnast - Olsen

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these people are so inspiring!!!!