There's now a crowdfunding campaign to buy stolen hacking tools

It's quite the dilemma: A nefarious group of hackers plans to sell a cache of stolen National Security Agency exploits, but you can't quite come up with the cryptocurrency needed to buy it.  What to do? Well, if you're two prominent security r
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How Andy Rubin's Essential is different from other smartphone companies

Andy Rubin sees a problem with smartphones. They're boring. They're fragmented. The companies that make them aren't as well-suited at advancing technologies around them as they should be. Rubin invented Android, so he admits to some responsibility a
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You used to call Trump on his cellphone

Trump know when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing.  BREAKING: President Trump has been urging world leaders to call him on his cellphone, raising security and secrecy concerns. — AP Politics (@AP_Politics) May 31, 2017
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Nest Cam IQ's 4K eye means 'zoom to enhance' is now a reality

CSI's "zoom to enhance" is now a real thing thanks to Nest's new Cam IQ home security camera. The $299 Cam IQ is the third member in the Google-owned smart home company's hassle-free Nest Cam family. It's not only more powerful than any previous Nes
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McDonald's has made an Australian burger hack an official menu item

Seems like McDonald's has been keeping track of how you've been messing with its food. It's figured out that plenty of Aussies have been swapping out the Big Mac's beef patties with chicken ones. So it did the only logical thing, and put the often-r
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Android creator explains why his new Essential Phone looks so weird

Earlier today, Android founder Andy Rubin finally unveiled the new smartphone he's been teasing for months. The phone, the first product from Rubin's new company Essential, is so big that its nearly bezel-less display wraps almost all the way around
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Former Apple designer's new camera app aims to help you shoot like a pro

Your iPhone's camera has so much more power than iOS' stock camera app lets you tap. That's because the camera app that comes on your iPhone doesn't take full advantage of all of your camera's capabilities, which is why many serious iPhone photograp
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