BMW just unveiled an electric scooter concept that looks straight out of the future

BMW Motorrad Concept Link

BMW just unveiled a new addition for its Vision Next 100 concept line that explores how driving will evolve in the next century.

The newest vehicle is an all-electric scooter called the BMW Motorrad Concept Link. The scooter made its debut at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, an Italian motor festival.

Scroll down for a closer look at the brand new concept:

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BMW's latest scooter concept features a "low-slung design": a flat seat with a stretched body. That's because BMW installed the bike's energy packs along the underfloor.

Here you can see the bike's electric drive, which is placed on the rear wheel. BMW did not reveal specs for the scooter, like range or horsepower.

The scooter comes with two screens. The black touchscreen between the handle bars shows navigation, battery information, and speed. But secondary information is displayed on the larger touchscreen below the handle bars, like music.

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