The APOLLO 1 smartphone is the latest in the nature-meets-tech trend that elegantly merges raw wood with ultramodern electronics. Its touchscreen display is delicately integrated into the wood body, appearing as though it almost grew that way! The rounded bottom makes for enhanced ergonomics and plays host to an entirely new spinning interface that allows users to navigate through applications quickly and intuitively.

Linnaeus is a drone that’s designed to monitor large open green spaces, the drone’s design is in its ability to switch between terrain and flight operated drones.

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The Smart Beam (as it’s called) is as small as your phone and can project 720p video to a size of 150 inches. This little cube is the smallest 720p laser projector in the world! It sits right in your hand, giving you the feeling of wielding something rather powerful. It pairs seamlessly with iOS/Android phones, even tablets, and also your PC! Carry it around anywhere and impress your home-boys with their new way of watching football, or the superbowl, or even lip-sync challenge. BUY NOW!

Samsung’s foldable smartphone is set to be released in January Next Year

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Contrast Between WiFi and LiFi #Infographic #Technology

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The Solar Suntree Charger is a solar powered charger for your mobile phone. It is powered by 9 solar panel leaves and has a trunk made from bamboo.

'Podo' ensures that your selfies will be absolutely hands free, so you can take pictures from meters away instead of the regular arm-length, it is a camera that comes with a repositionable adhesive pad... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

Cicret | Future is tomorrow

What the Elbow Cassette Player does is innovative, geeky, kitschy, revivalist, and incredibly cool… all together! This small device opens up, swivels, and snaps onto a cassette tape (almost like it was meant to be how cassettes were to be played!). While it grabs the cassette’s spools in its elbow arms, the hinge sits against the exposed magnetic tape. A knob on the device allows you to control playback. The entire set-up is literally small enough to feel like you’re holding an iPod Classic.

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The Samsung Flexible Roll applies future #flex tech to create the most portable tablet laptop. Simply amazing//

The Mild VR headset is designed to look familiar. While it is a VR device, it looks like it was designed to look good while worn, and not like you strapped a toaster to your face. The Mild comes with a fabric overlay on a plastic body. Mimicking the design of eye masks, they fit comfortably over the eyes while making it look less obvious like you’re wearing a multimedia device on your head.

The heads-up display allows you to look at data on your windscreen and you can return calls or send text messages through voice commands. A great way of avoiding fumbling for your phone so you can keep your eyes on the road.

This seems Amazing. So you won't have to have to bring a keyboard that is heavy this is less heavy.


The FrontRow wearable camera is an exciting change from the usual household branded recording devices due to its disk like shape and overall usability. It is a small device similar in shape to an old stopwatch. The camera boasts a staggering 16 hours of battery life with instant transferable content to your smartphone. The FrontRow camera enables live-streaming to your device – making those bike trails, extreme sports and really any live event, a perfect moment to share. BUY NOW!

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The 'Scarab Mouse/Gamepad' is a mouse that transforms into a fully functional gamepad with a pretty admirable level of ergonomic detailing... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

WOW!! you know these would be a BIG invention. I wonder though where the battery's and stuff would go, they have stuff like that in the movie Avatar.

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