Eclipse (by Simon Christen)In alignment with the Sun and the Moon. Annular eclipse 2012 shot from Mt. Shasta in California.

Yellow sunset from the Creator to make us all happy.Gaze on the sunset each day to bring the calm beauty into your inner self. #yellow [ ]

Awesome #oceansunset.

Playfully Adorable Illustrations That Will Make You Smile - My Modern Metropolis

Repin if you've taken a similar picture before!

Beautiful Moon and Sun with faces. The sun is broken in half, the moon emerges. Vintage hand drawn eclipse. Vector illustration for coloring book, t-shirt design, tattoo. Ethnic decor, Bohemian art.

"Etu" - Sun Painting by shadi desjardins

Beautiful Sahara Camel train , on the border of Saudi Arabia and UAE Dunes at Sunrise ~ Sahara , Egypt

Surfing Community - Surfers and Waves!! - Community

All the colors are always there

The use of collage here is really nice. Taking a small object like an orange and putting it in the place of something huge, like the sun, makes this world seem small. There is a nice sense of foreground, middle ground, and background that draws the viewer through the image.

Evergreen Mountain Lookout, Cascade Mountains, Washington

Sunset in Sun Flower Field, Maryland So Pretty! Love Sunflowers

I'm a Child of the Sun, and sunshine just means happiness for me. Whenever there's sun, I'm automatically happier.

Women's Going out Casual/Daily Boho Street chic Swing Dress

We love this beautiful and intricate gold sun and crescent moon necklace, and we know you will too! Get this item with FREE SHIPPING Material: Gold Plated. Necklace length: 23.5 inches/60cm. Pendant s

This "mosaic" image, also captured on January 19, 2015, shows the sun in multiple wavelengths.

I love the playful interpretation of the sun as both a center of energy and its starry reach. As I sit in meditation, I feel something similar occurring.

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Exciting World Of Sunset Photography - Bored Art

I think this art work reflects transcendentalism because it represents peace and isolation. This person is sailing in a peace river and is isolated from scoiety and it problems, instead this person is becoming one with nature.

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Solar System Embroidery Art - 8" hoop, celestial stars, Sun and planets, hand…